Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Schlag den Raab: Das 2. Spiel" on PC will be available in stores tomorrow

– The second game based on the popular TV show will also be available very soon on Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move for PlayStation3 and Nintendo 3DS –
Frankfurt, October 13, 2011: Shortly before the 31st episode of the TV show "Schlag den Raab", the sequel to the successful first game based on this smash hit series, "Schlag den Raab: Das 2. Spiel", will be released tomorrow, October 14, on PC. This fun party game will available for Nintendo Wii on October 19, and you will be able to challenge Stefan Raab on PlayStation 3 from October 21 and on Nintendo 3DS from November 25, 2011.

Total crazy party fun guaranteed with 25 mini-games and over 5,000 new quiz questions in the Show and Team modes! Players can choose to compete solo or, in classic party game tradition, with up to three friends in Show mode against Stefan Raab's virtual alter ego, now in even better cartoon-strip style, or compete in the new Team mode with up to seven players.


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