Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bridge Project is being released worldwide on Steam for Windows PC and Mac

Eschborn, February 19th, 2013: The popular bridge-building simulation Bridge Project is coming out in March, much to the delight of hobby construction engineers everywhere.  In 48 diverse and challenging levels, players will need precision and finesse to build structures adapted to a variety of requirements. A level editor puts the player in a position to create his or her own levels and make them available through the Steam Community.
Bridge Project was developed by the North-German development studio Caipirinha Games in cooperation with Halycon Media. This bridge building simulation will be available as a Steam download for Windows PC and Mac for €19.99.
Bridge Project adapts the engaging game concept of its predecessor, Bridge Builder, and comes with new, challenging scenarios and a variety of tasks to complete.  In Bridge Project, the player can carry out bridge building projects in the most diverse of landscapes, complete with detailed environments. From a simple wood construction to challenging suspension or railroad bridges, the materials and possibilities for building impressive bridges are nearly endless.

The advanced physics engine, which includes new in-game graphics and detailed 3D objects, provides for a realistic gaming experience. Careful planning is necessary in the construction phase in order to ensure that a bridge can withstand the various load tests and structural demands that it will face.  
The Bridge Project Editor deserves special attention. This allows users to create their own levels and distribute them through the Steam Workshop. These free levels can be downloaded from the Bridge Project Community and rated in an online ranking by players from all over the world.


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