Thursday, May 06, 2010

Jekyll & Hyde – Teaser Trailer: Previews of the PC Adventure

Eschborn, 6. Mai 2010 - A thrilling trailer for Jekyll & Hyde is now showing the first moving images from the PC adventure that skillfully combines classic adventure elements and action-packed gameplay. The player's mental powers will be put to the test in the role of Dr. Jekyll to solve numerous tricky puzzles, while as Mr. Hyde the player will far outstrip the good doctor in all physical respects!

Download the teaser trailer for Jekyll & Hyde via the following link:'n'Hyde_Teaser_English.wmv

Jekyll & Hyde transports the player to late 19th century London. In his search for a cure for a plague which is sweeping through the city, Jekyll gradually uncovers the plot of an ancient, mysterious sect. His investigations lead him deeper and deeper into London's secret underworld.

Developed by the Weimar studio pixelcage, Jekyll & Hyde offers two playable characters who are poles apart in temperament, and who develop different skills during the game. A mobile mini-lab enables Jekyll to make the potion he requires to turn into Hyde and to create the various concoctions that will help him carry out the many tasks set in the game. Dynamic camera movements enhance the game situations, and the view switches between 3rd person and platform game perspective.

Jekyll & Hyde will be released in Q3 2010 on Windows PC. For more information about the game and about bitComposer products.


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