Friday, October 26, 2012

The Voice of Germany is being developed by Wired Productions

Eschborn, October 25., 2012: The Voice of Germany, which will be launched on November 8th, 2012, is the official game version of the extremely successful music show of the same name, the second season of which has been broadcast since October 18th on ProSieben and since October 19th on SAT.1. bitcomposer Games and flashpoint AG are going to release this music and party game in two different editions. In addition to the stand-alone edition, priced at €39.95, there will be a premium value bundle, including two quality Logitech microphones, at a price of €59.95. This singing and party game is being developed by the English studio Wired Productions. This studio is no stranger to singing and party games; their portfolio includes, among others, the popular and well-known We-Sing™ series, which has also been successfully distributed by flashpoint AG. Another experienced partner was brought on board for the adaptation of The Voice of Germany: the developer studio Le Cortex from France, also experts in the area of music games.

According to Jason Harman, Operations and Production Director with Wired, the outstanding factor was not just the extra complexity that comes with a gigantic TV license, but rather, "creating an experience that is oriented as closely as possible to the show. Here, it is about the voices of the singers, not about colorful animations. This allows the player to experience the show as it is in reality." Frédéric Sommer, the Project Director of Le Cortex, comments, "We believe that we have managed to create a product that reflects the spirit of the show." .

This has been achieved with the help of the KaraEngine™, which was developed especially for The Voice of Germany. The KaraEngine™, which is set to redefine technical standards in the singing game genre, drastically minimizes annoying latency times, thus guaranteeing a smooth playing experience..

The Voice of Germany also distinguishes itself through the unique quality of its track listing: 30 top-notch titles by international artists, all of which have been in the top ten charts, offer a balanced mix of German and English language tracks. Moreover, this is the first time that most of the songs have been part of a music and singing game. .

The Voice of Germany will be launched on November 8th, 2012, exclusively for Nintendo Wii™, and will be distributed in the German speaking market exclusively by flashpoint.


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