Thursday, March 30, 2017

Space Rift Rogue A.I. released for Gear VR

The Space Rift universe has been expanded with another game! The spin-off Space Rift Rogue A.I. is being released for the Samsung Gear VR in the Oculus Store, today. The arcade-heavy VR space adventure mesmerizes with a thrilling story of an out-of-control artificial intelligence.

Space Rift Rogue A.I. – Mysterious plans, riveting gameplay

The thrilling story is driven by the dialogue that takes place between an A.I. and its supervisor. The A.I. operates an automated transported, but spirals out of control after a large amount of quantum rift is salvaged. The supervisor then decides to shoot down the ship. The player has to defeat the attacking drones while evading asteroids, all the while trying to find out where the A.I. is headed and why.

Space Rift Rogue A.I. - Power-ups!

The credits generated through mining and shooting down enemies can be used in between levels to improve the ship's stats. This includes, for example, the damage dealt by the primary and secondary weapons, shield strength and regeneration, as well as movement speed. Additionally, useful power-ups will keep appearing in the game, like a temporary shield or high score multipliers. There's also a special power-up that destroys all opponents in the vicinity. During the run, the players collect points towards their high score. Depending on the selected level of difficulty (easy, medium or hard), they'll get more points for each successful action.

Space Rift Rogue A.I. is available in the Oculus Store for 4.99 USD/EUR.

Other games in the Space Rift universe

The Space Rift universe is expanded by another gripping gameplay experience with Space Rift Rogue A.I. to date, the VR space adventure Space Rift - Episode 1 has also been released. It is available for PC and all major VR headsets at a price of 19.99 USD/EUR (14.99 GBP) both on Steam and in the Humble Store. The PlayStation VR version is available for 19.99 USD/EUR (15.99 GBP).


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