Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The German Version of The Rockin´ Dead has rechaed Goldmaster status

-  The PC adventure is scheduled to hit the German shelves on April 14, 2011  -
Eschborn, March 30, 2011: The 3D point and click adventure The Rockin´ Dead has reached Gold Master status and will be available in German stores right on schedule on April 14. Developed by the North German developers Grasland Production, it takes PC gamers on a crazy adventure with a host of wacky characters and rockin´ undead! The Rockin´ Dead will be released with a high quality lenticular packaging, including 3D specs, priced 39.99€ (RRP) for Windows PC and will be distributed in the German-speaking territories by NBG EDV Handels & Verlags GmbH.

The Rockin´ Dead is a point'n'click adventure with a plot that is both kooky and fun! It is presented in best B Movie tradition and is in 3D for the first time. The player assumes the role of Alyssa, the leader of the heavy metal girl band trio "Deadly Lullabyes", who are as gorgeous as they are unsuccessful! Alyssa and the two other band members set out in the band bus after an anonymous invitation to play a concert. However, shortly before arriving at their destination, they have a road accident in the boondocks. Alyssa regains consciousness only to find that all of the band's equipment and the other two girls have vanished into thin air! The adventure begins here and, in her search to solve the mystery, it leads Alyssa ever deeper into a world of undead beings, rocking skeletons and a host of other bizarre creatures!


  • First Point & Click Adventure in 3D Optic (3D glasses included). 2D setting also available
  • Bizarre, hilariously exaggerated background story with numerous recurring images in top B movie style
  • 93 detailed locations in dark and different settings
  • Over 20 funny NPCs, professionally narrated, who skillfully capture the humor of the dialogues
  • More than 120 objects in the inventory that can be combined and therefore require the players´ skill and logical thinking
  • Thrilling and unusual riddles round off the delightfully crazy overall picture


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