Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King: Wacky action figure adventure released on PlayStation 4 today

Rayon Riddles by bitComposer Interactive is now also available on the PlayStation 4. The game offers hilarious action-packed levels with action figures, tricky puzzles and ever-new solutions.

Entertaining gameplay in a retro style

Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King joins tricky puzzles and riddles with a charming retro look and 3D action-adventure elements. The player slips into the role of one of three Goblins trying to get back to their homeland. Able to alternate between the three characters any time, the player must combine their skills to make it out of the realm of the Orcs alive.

This takes brains!

The Goblins were driven from their homeland by the Humans. They fled through the mines of the Dwarves, but ultimately became enslaved by the Orcs. Now is the perfect opportunity to escape and that means it's Goblins versus Orcs! Which is a problem – at least for the Goblins. Because they're clearly no match for the brutal Orcs. But the Goblins cleverly combine their skills to outwit their dangerous adversaries. The Goblin Tech is the first to escape, and he frees his King and the remaining horde. Together, they embark on the long and grueling journey back to their old home – a journey on which the Orcs might be the least of their problems.

A lovingly detailed world

In nine challenging and distinct levels, players in Rayon Riddles must prove their skills and ability to think outside the box. They can switch freely between the three characters to make their way through the lovingly designed world of the Goblins: Given proper materials, Tech the tinkerer can make the items he needs to get the King home. Heavy's strength lets him smash doors open and tear down walls, and Tiny can become virtually invisible thanks to his small stature and cunning. King Hung Ree is sent from place to place along a set route. Characters that aren't currently being controlled watch events unfold, waiting for their next assignment. It takes the combined ingeniousness of everyone's skills to get back home. On their way to freedom, players face numerous obstacles and must solve the riddles blocking the King's path: It's crawling with Orcs and animals, and even Trolls and nasty traps endeavor to stop the Goblin King and his people from getting away. Lots of tricky puzzles require solving to free the Goblins, and often they have more than one solution.

Unique setting with a 3D action arcade look and fun gameplay

Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King's visuals are strongly based on legendary 3D action adventures. Challenging and diverse puzzles, and an original sense of humor, add extra spice to this unique combination of design and gameplay. Players can choose between different characters and a wide variety of objects, creating new solutions in each new game and encouraging them to play it multiple times. And the whacky backstory guarantees there's always something to laugh about.

Rayon Riddles is available on PlayStation 4 as of today

Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King is available on PlayStation 4 as of today. FSo get it for 11.99 EUR (8.99 GBP), you'll love it! Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King is also available on Steam for the PC. Anyone who wants slip into the cute Goblins' boots in advance can download the demo here.


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