Friday, October 19, 2012

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers - Demo available on XBLA!

bitComposer Games and dtp Entertainment release the Xbox 360 demo verison for Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers on XBLA today. The demo version contains a training for soon-to-be aces as well as one mission for each side, the US Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy: As an American pilot the player witnesses the attack on the Maloelap Atoll, while the legendary attack on Pearl Harbor is the scenario for the opposing side.

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is a thrilling action flight simulation with a compelling storyline: The legendary sea battles and aerial battles of Word War 2 between Japan and the USA are the setting of the action spectacle - among other missions the forces of US Navy and Imperial Japanese Marine encounter each other in Midway and Pearl Harbor.

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers combines real settings of World War 2 with a fictional story, that leads the player through the arcade flight action. Base for most of the campaigns' flight missions is an aircraft carrier based in the Pacific Ocean that is under the player's command as a captain. If he wants to join the battle flying the flag of the US Navy or the one of the Imperial Japanese Navy he decides at the beginning of the game. In Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers the battles of decision are fought in te air over the Pacific Ocean, for example Pearl Harbor, Midway or Wake Island.

In Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers the player can control whole squadrons and switch between aircrafts during the mission. Different single player and multi player modes ensure long-lasting gaming fun.

The game has been developed by the Slovakian developer team Games Farm, that has already developed the predecessor Air Conflicts: Secret Wars.


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