Jet Car Stunts
XBOX Live arcade



Race as fast as possible, master the most difficult stunts and drive the Jet Cars like no other!

Jet Car Stunts is a different breed of racing game and a remake of the iOS game of the same name.

Master difficult stunts, set the fastest times and let your Jet Car Stunts skills shine.

Are you good enough to master all the tracks with elegance or will you get left behind?


  • Compete with the Jet Cars in three different game modes and show them all how you measure up! Reach the unreachable, high above the clouds in the new Puzzle Mode, while staying on the track!
  • Experience the game, now with beautiful, improved HD graphics and an integrated damage system that makes your stunts look even more spectacular!
  • Set the fastest times! Pit yourself against the best of the best, beat the times of your opponents and set yourself apart from all the rest!
  • Test your skills in multiple, challenging levels of difficulty! Can you handle the "impossible" courses?
  • 36 extraordinary courses that are more foe than friend!




Worldwide already receivable

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