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Friday, June 27, 2014

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition - Out Now as PS4 exclusive

Today, bitComposer Games and Slovakia-based development team, Games Farm announce the release of the Arcade-Flight-Game exclusively for the PlayStation®4. Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition provides new features and a lot of improvements, such as  improved controls and a revamped enemy AI which will put you at the heart of the action! Bigger maps, an enhanced particle system and fresh sound effects will deliver a stunning PlayStation®4 experience. The PS®4 version of Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition is now available in stores and on the Sony PlayStation Network® for the price of 49.99 €.

In the dramatic single-player campaign, players can pilot over 20 helicopters and airplanes, each authentic down to the last detail. Before missions begin, players can choose which weapons ...


Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms now in Steam Early Access

bitComposer and Games Farm announced today that action RPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is now available in Steam Early Access. For the first week of Early Access, players have an additional discount off of the Early Access price of 27.99 Euro/27.99 USD/22.99 GBP, providing altogether a more than 30% discount ... more


Logitech Gaming Hardware Raffle

bitComposer Games is celebrating the Humble Weekly Bundle German Edition by hosting a Logitech gaming hardware raffle. Thanks to the support of Logitech Gaming Germany , we are able to draw attention to Humble Bundle and its first German Edition that went live yesterday.

This week's bundle ... more


The Humble Weekly Bundle: Germany Edition highlights 12 indie game developers

Humble Bundle has partnered up with 12 independent game developers form Germany to showcase some of Deutschland's top talent in indie game development. On Thursday, June 5, at 11:00 am PDT, Humble Bundle is launching its first-ever Humble Weekly Bundle: German Edition featuring developers like Daedalic ... more


Splatter - Green Light for the Zombie Apocalypse

Today, bitComposer Games and  Indie developer Dreamworlds announce the release of SPLATTER – Blood Red Edition on Steam.
The top down shooter recently got greenlit by the community. SPLATTER – Blood Red Edition comes along with an extensive, completely voiced Film-Noir-Singleplayer campaign and a ... more
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